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Custom App Development
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Create Your WooCommerce App Instantly - No Coding Needed with WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD

Effortlessly Expand Your eCommerce with Comprehensive Support. WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD simplifies WooCommerce mobile app development, offering dedicated, expert guidance at every stage.
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WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD simplifies WooCommerce mobile app development

Seamless Integration with Top Platforms

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Why Do You Need a Mobile App?

Around 90% of your traffic comes from mobile devices, yet mobile-friendly websites don't convert enough.
More Revenue per User
Higher Conversion Rates
Reduced Marketing Costs
Join WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD Now & Transform Your Business!
Build Your WooCommerce Mobile App in 3 Easy Steps
Build Your WooCommerce Mobile App in 3 Easy Steps
Link your WooCommerce store to WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD in a few simple clicks. We take care of the complexities, making developer assistance unnecessary.
Effortlessly tailor your eCommerce app with our user-friendly visual editor. Flexibly add or remove features - no design expertise required, with our team ready to support.
Ensure top performance by testing your app on various devices. Streamline your launch on the App Store and Google Play, setting the stage for your success.

Mobile Commerce Is Easier Than You Think

Capture the Mobile-First Shopper
Capture the Mobile-First Shopper
Seize the opportunity in mobile commerce. Over 60% of brand interactions now start on mobile devices. With our platform, engage customers effectively on every device, ensuring you're always where your customers are.
Elevate Mobile Shopping Experiences
Elevate Mobile Shopping Experiences
Redefine mobile commerce with more than just responsive designs. Our platform enables the creation of engaging mobile experiences that attract and convert, leveraging the latest technological innovations.
Unify Customer Journeys
Unify Customer Journeys
Create a cohesive shopping experience by bridging the gap between online and offline. With our solution, provide a seamless journey from in-store research to social media engagement, across all channels.
Master Mobile Micro-Moments
Master Mobile Micro-Moments
Respond instantly to customer needs with WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD. Optimize every step of the mobile shopping journey, from discovery to checkout, for timely and effective customer engagement.
Empower In-Store Mobile Engagement
Empower In-Store Mobile Engagement
Transform your in-store experience with mobile technology. Our platform equips your staff with easy-to-use apps for enhanced customer service, real-time information access, and the ability to complete sales on the spot.
Personalize with Power
Personalize with Power
Differentiate your brand in the mobile marketplace with personalized shopping experiences. Utilize our AI-driven platform for precise product recommendations, predictive sorting, and custom searches, easily and effectively.
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See how you can easily build your app without any coding or design skills.

Every E-Commerce App Feature You Need Is Here

We developed WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD for the needs of an e-commerce business, so you can customise your e-commerce app with the useful features you need. No unnecessary jumble; only e-commerce magic!
Build apps that work flawlessly on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.
Cross platform Compatibiility
Looking for Additional Features?
We can add any feature for your enterprise.

Customer Success Stories


Olivia Rossi

General Manager


"WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD is a dream for any e-commerce business looking to expand its reach. It's not just about building an app; it's about creating an entire mobile experience that resonates with our customers. Our sales have never been better!"


Ivan Christoff

Founder & CEO

Balkan Best Shop

"WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD has been a game-changer for our e-commerce strategy. Its user-friendly platform enabled us to swiftly establish a mobile presence, significantly improving our customer engagement and boosting sales. I highly recommend it to any retailer aiming to excel in the digital marketplace."


Georgi Ivanov


Vino Select

"Choosing WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD to launch our mobile app was a strategic decision that truly paid off. The platform's in-depth analytics and insights have been crucial, enabling us to better understand and cater to our customers. For anyone in e-commerce, WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD is an indispensable tool."



WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD is a no-code platform that enables businesses to create and manage mobile e-commerce applications. It simplifies app development for Android and iOS, allowing businesses to build, customize, and launch mobile apps without needing extensive coding knowledge.

WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD is versatile and suitable for a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, and across various sectors such as retail, services, and products. Any business looking to expand its online presence through mobile e-commerce can benefit from this platform.

We offer comprehensive support for custom-developed apps, including technical assistance, bug fixes, and updates. Our support team is available to address any issues and ensure your app operates smoothly post-development.

Yes, WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD offers extensive customization options for your app's user interface. You can tailor the look and feel of your app to match your brand identity, including colors, layouts, and more.

WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD adheres to high-quality design standards by incorporating the latest design trends and best practices. Regular updates are made to ensure compliance with modern design standards and usability principles.

We stay ahead in technology trends by continuously researching and integrating the latest advancements in e-commerce and app development. Our team collaborates with tech leaders and participates in industry forums to ensure our platform remains cutting-edge.

Yes, WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD can be adapted for non-e-commerce applications. Its versatile platform can support content management, customer service, inventory tracking, and other functionalities suitable for a variety of business applications.

WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD offers comprehensive support including 24/7 technical assistance, dedicated account managers for enterprise clients, an online knowledge base, and a responsive customer service team to assist with any queries or issues.

Creating Your App with No-Code Only Takes Minutes!
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