Custom App Development
Custom App Development
for custom e-commerce solutions
Perfect alignment
with your unique platform
Versatile and adaptable app creation

Expert Mobile App Development Services & Solutions

Experience the ultimate in mobile e-commerce with WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD's Professional Services. Our skilled team specializes in developing superior Android and iOS e-commerce apps, ensuring high-quality outcomes swiftly, often within a week.
Leverage our expertise in app strategy, robust development, and unparalleled support.
Expert Mobile App Development Services & Solutions
Cutting-Edge Mobile App Development Services
Custom iOS and Android App Solutions
Move beyond conventional software with our tailored app development. WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD’s iOS & Android App Builder empowers you to design and launch your custom app effortlessly. Our toolbox covers everything from initial design to final publishing.
Native and Cross-Platform Development
Choose between high-performing native apps for specific platforms or opt for the versatility of cross-platform development to target multiple ecosystems simultaneously. While native apps excel in user experience, cross-platform development offers cost-effectiveness and broader reach.
Custom UI/UX Design
A compelling design and intuitive user experience are crucial for app popularity. Focus on every UI/UX detail, from app icons to navigation. WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD’s UI toolkit grants access to stunning native interfaces, updated themes, and an array of customizable templates.
Cutting-Edge Mobile App Development Services
Consulting and Prototyping
Prototyping is key in the mobile app development process, allowing you to test ideas and gather user feedback early. Engage with our WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD developer team to create and refine your app prototype for maximum impact.
App Launch Strategies
Navigating the app market can be challenging. Our professional teams assist you in developing effective launch strategies, ensuring your app stands out among thousands. From market entry to promotional tactics, we’ve got you covered.
Testing and Quality Assurance
Comprehensive testing is vital for ensuring your app's functionality across devices. Our WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD team aids in rigorous testing and QA, ensuring your app delivers a consistent and reliable user experience.
App Analytics & Push Notifications
Understanding user behavior is critical. Utilize our analytics tools to gain insights and enhance your push notification strategies, making every interaction count.
Transform Your Ideas into Reality with Custom Mobile App Development
Embedded Android Solutions & Customizations
Explore the potential of Android in embedded systems. We offer specialized services for high-end Android customizations across various applications.
Publishing and Maintenance
Publishing your app can be a complex process. Our team assists you in navigating app store policies and managing updates, ensuring a smooth and successful app launch and lifecycle.
Push Notifications for Enhanced User Journeys
Craft effective push notification campaigns to guide and engage users. Our platform enables streamlined notification management, empowering you to deliver value-driven content.
Benefits of Mobile App Development Experts
Innovative App Solutions
From ideation to app store presence, our expert team guides you through every step.
Experienced Development Team
Leverage our decade of experience in delivering successful mobile solutions.
Award-Winning App Design
Our design team excels in creating immersive and user-centric app experiences.
Enhanced User Engagement
Mobile apps boost user interaction, with smartphone users viewing up to 4x more products per session.
Increased Sales
Mobile apps are known for higher conversion rates, enhancing user interaction and sales.
Cost-Effective Development
We focus on essential features, using the latest technologies for efficient app development.
Market Visibility
Achieve higher app visibility and downloads through strategic app store placement.
Optimized User Experience
Our apps offer seamless user journeys, enhanced by timely push notifications.
Data-Driven Insights and Analytics
Leverage in-app tools for key user insights, driving strategic, data-informed decisions to enhance app performance.
Empowering Your Vision with Advanced Technologies
Android App Development
Android App DevelopmentAndroid App Development
Android App Development
Deliver seamless mobile experiences across Android OS versions with our expert services.
iOS App Development
iOS App DevelopmentiOS App Development
iOS App Development
From UX/UI design to app integration, our iOS services cater to iPhones and iPads.
Cross-Platform Development
Cross-Platform DevelopmentCross-Platform Development
Cross-Platform Development
Maximize resources with cross-platform apps, ensuring simultaneous launch on all platforms.
Elevate Your Business With State-Of-The-Art Mobile Apps
Expert Mobile App Development Team

Expert Mobile App Development Team

WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD Pro offers comprehensive app development services, streamlining your journey from concept to live app. Our team of experts will devise a tailored app strategy, construct your app using our advanced builder with pre-designed features and integrations, and provide continuous support throughout. WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD Pro equips your business with the essential tools to excel in the competitive mobile marketplace.
Comprehensive Mobile App Development Solutions

Versatile Native and Hybrid App Development

WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD is your all-encompassing app-building solution, capable of crafting a wide array of app types. Our platform is enriched with diverse features and modules, facilitating the creation of both native and hybrid apps. Native app development is specialized for a single platform, utilizing specific programming languages and tools for either iOS or Android.

Our latest WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD app builder, powered by React Native, simplifies the development process, allowing you to construct fully native or hybrid apps for iOS, Android, and even HTML5 – all without requiring any coding expertise.
Versatile Native and Hybrid App Development

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

Our team of mobile app development experts has successfully delivered a multitude of applications across various sectors. We cater to a broad range of markets, including – FinTech – E-Commerce – Retail & Shopping – Travel & Hospitality – Food & Beverage – Health & Telemedicine – Communication & Social Networking – Entertainment & Media – Wellness & Fitness – Dating – Gaming & Gambling – Internet of Things (IoT) – Education & E-Learning – Business & Productivity.

Our experience and versatility mean we can bring your unique app idea to life, regardless of the industry.
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Customer Success Stories


Olivia Rossi

General Manager


"WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD is a dream for any e-commerce business looking to expand its reach. It's not just about building an app; it's about creating an entire mobile experience that resonates with our customers. Our sales have never been better!"


Ivan Christoff

Founder & CEO

Balkan Best Shop

"WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD has been a game-changer for our e-commerce strategy. Its user-friendly platform enabled us to swiftly establish a mobile presence, significantly improving our customer engagement and boosting sales. I highly recommend it to any retailer aiming to excel in the digital marketplace."


Georgi Ivanov


Vino Select

"Choosing WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD to launch our mobile app was a strategic decision that truly paid off. The platform's in-depth analytics and insights have been crucial, enabling us to better understand and cater to our customers. For anyone in e-commerce, WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD is an indispensable tool."

Bringing Cutting-Edge Technology to Your Fingertips with Custom Apps
Comprehensive Mobile App Development Process
Our Range of Services: App Idea Conceptualization | Innovative App Design | iOS & Android App Development Solutions | Strategic App Publishing | Focused App Growth, and More


  • Market Analysis
    Market Analysis
    We begin by setting clear objectives and conducting in-depth research of your target market, including competitor analysis, to inform our strategy.
  • Wireframing
    Our team crafts a detailed blueprint of your app, laying the foundation for the design process and ensuring alignment with your vision
  • App Designing
    App Designing
    We create engaging, high-quality user experiences, drawing inspiration from industry best practices and your unique ideas.
  • Visual Solution
    Visual Solution
    Our approach is to forge a strong visual connection between your app and your brand, ensuring it resonates with your target audience.


  • Accelerated Development
    Accelerated Development
    Utilize our ready-to-use app templates to expedite your app’s development, saving both time and costs
  • No-Code Platform
    No-Code Platform
    Our extensive tooling enables you to build apps without the need for additional coding.
  • Feature Extensions
    Feature Extensions
    If your app requires a specific feature, our adaptable app-building software can integrate it seamlessly.
  • Content Optimization
    Content Optimization
    Our experts will ensure your content is optimized and perfectly tailored for your app.
    Customized Mobile Solutions To Propel Your Business Forward


    • Quality Assurance
      Quality Assurance
      We thoroughly test and preview your app to guarantee flawless functionality and user experience.
    • App Publishing
      App Publishing
      Our team manages the publication process on Google Play and the App Store, ensuring a smooth launch.
    • Ongoing Support
      Ongoing Support
      Receive continuous support and guidance from our team, even after your app goes live.


  • Launch Strategy
    Launch Strategy
    We prepare your app for the app stores, implementing strategies to outshine the competition.
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)
    App Store Optimization (ASO)
    Our team conducts keyword research and optimizes metadata to boost your app's visibility and ranking.
  • Performance Analytics
    Performance Analytics
    We use data-driven strategies to optimize your app, focusing on your target audience's preferences and adapting accordingly.
    Crafting Unique Mobile Experiences Tailored for Your Audience
    Seamless Integration with Industry Leaders
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    Mobile App Development Services FAQs

    WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD offers extensive custom development options, including but not limited to custom feature development, personalized app design, third-party integrations, and specific functionality tailored to your business needs. These options are designed to ensure your app aligns perfectly with your brand and business objectives.

    Absolutely. You can request specific features that suit your business requirements. Our team works closely with you to understand your needs and develop features that enhance your app's functionality and user experience.

    The process begins with a consultation to understand your specific needs. Then, our development team drafts a project plan outlining the custom features, development timeline, and milestones. We maintain regular communication throughout the development process to ensure the final product meets your expectations.

    The timeline for custom app development varies based on the complexity and scope of the project. Generally, it can range from a few weeks to several months. We provide an estimated timeline after assessing your specific requirements.

    Yes, custom development typically involves additional costs, depending on the complexity and type of features requested. We provide a detailed quote and cost breakdown before starting the project.

    Yes, you can update or change features after the app development. WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD supports ongoing app maintenance and updates to ensure your app remains up-to-date and aligned with your evolving business needs.

    Quality assurance is integral to our development process. We conduct thorough testing, including functional, performance, and usability tests, to ensure the custom features work flawlessly and meet our high-quality standards.

    Yes, WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD supports the integration of various third-party APIs during custom development. This allows you to extend your app's functionality and seamlessly connect with other services and platforms.

    Custom development in WHIZ COMMERCE CLOUD is meticulously tailored to meet your specific business requirements. Our approach involves a thorough analysis of your business goals, target audience, and market trends. Based on these insights, we develop custom features, integrations, and functionalities that align perfectly with your business strategy and enhance the overall effectiveness and appeal of your app. This tailored approach ensures that the app not only meets but exceeds your business needs, providing a competitive edge in the marketplace.

    We offer comprehensive support for custom-developed apps, including technical assistance, bug fixes, and updates. Our support team is available to address any issues and ensure your app operates smoothly post-development.

    Unleash Your Business Potential
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